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Your gift of $30 or more will help save a life from Human Trafficking!

The Orphan’s Hands saves orphans at risk of being trafficked in the nations of Moldova and Ukraine. 
We provide homes, education and most importantly, introduce the broken to the love of Christ. We transform vulnerable, fragile souls into to leaders in their community.

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25+ Years Of Missions

"We have been turning orphans into sons and daughters and sons and daughters into missionaries." - Philip & Chrissie Cameron




For over 25 years, the Cameron Family has been changing the lives of orphans in Romania and Moldova and the Ukraine.

God helped the Camerons lift these amazing young men and women out of darkness. Now, no longer orphans, they want to return and invade that very same darkness with the light of Jesus Christ.

THE ORPHAN’S HANDS currently operates five homes in Moldova and a home in the Ukraine, filled with young men and women who have committed themselves to changing their nation. Your gift helps support them.

The Story Of Vatra Village

We are believing for 100 people to give a $1000 to sponsor one of these homes at Vatra Village.

Changed Lives

Featured on today's program.

"I spent ten years abandoned in a tuberculosis hospital and then 6 more in an orphanage.  I came to The Orphans Hands at 16 having rarely been in a normal family's home.  I found my purpose and my voice.  Thank you for loving us"


"I was sitting on a park bench, one of 18 kids, about to be put out on the street.  I was terrified. Little did i know that the family that was looking at us all had made a safe place for me to go.  I'm a graduate of Auburn University, part of this ministry helping others just like me find hope."


With your gift of $30 Dollars or more we will send you a copy of Every 30 Seconds

This book will give you a glimpse into the lives of young men and women who started out in life as a statistic. Today, every 30 seconds ¬another person becomes a victim of human trafficking. Slavery has never been a thing of the past, and sadly, these lives left unprotected become the main source for human traffickers. The Orphan’s Hands provides them with a safe home and a means to an education, which prevents these vulnerable kids from ending up in human bondage. With the support of the people who cared deeply and of course their own personal willingness to give themselves a chance, they have overcome against all odds. Today they are success stories with a compassion for the world that is deeply rooted in their souls and manifesting in their daily life.

Every word you will read in this book is a torn puzzle piece from their past, their present, and most importantly their hope for the future. Once you read these stories you will hopefully realize that unless you stand up for the least of these and protect them, their lives will have a terrifying end. I encourage you to see the need to break the circle of victimization and partner with The Orphan’s Hands that will cast a light on human trafficking and stop the madness of modern-day slavery

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